Practicing Art has always been an important part of my life since I was a child.  My Mother was an artist, and we “did” Art almost daily as part of our routine: pencil sketches, pastel drawings, calligraphy, watercolor paintings, and pen and ink.  From that point on, I have always considered Art as an integral part of what makes me who I am.  I am fortunate to have had this way of expression passed on to me by my Mother’s example.

     It seemed only natural to become an Art major in college.  After teaching art for a number of years and being laid off due to cutbacks, I had the opportunity to pursue my art on a full-time basis.

     I have been a ceramic artist for the past 35 years,working in a variety of clays, techniques, and firing methods.  I am currently working in earthenware - handbuilding sculptural pieces, and wheel throwing and altering most of my functional forms.  All work is glaze fired in an oxidation atmosphere at cone 04 using a combination of textural, crusty glazes, contrasting with smooth drippy glazes, and terra sigillata.

     For the past seventeen years, I have been creating my work at TerraVista Studios, located in the St. Clair/Superior neighborhood.

The bright and airy space is shared by five ceramic artists.

Lynne Norwood Lofton


artist statement for Gallery 2