statement for Gallery 1

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As a ceramic artist, I have continually been fascinated at the way certain objects catch my fancy.  I tend to be curious about the mundane. Childhood recollections of color, shapes, and everyday items found in my home, to influences from other cultural art forms, are what I draw my inspirations from.

Looking back, I realized that my daily interaction with these commonplace objects created a familiar and comfortable routine. I became cognizant of their function, either as a vessel containing a plant, or as a frivolous decoration, and the role they played in my home.  This became the impetus for the current direction of my clay work.

I love the challenge of creating work that will have a place in everyday life. Objects that have a dual function (visually playful, yet serving as a vessel), appeal greatly to my sensibilities as an artist. The creativity to transform clay into something original requires touch, flow, technical skill, and both a sense of space and humor.  These are the alluring qualities that keep me interested and excited about expressing myself through clay.

Lynne Norwood Lofton